Satellite Meetings


Time Meeting Room
08:00–18:00 SETAC World Council Meeting Room 209


Time Meeting Room
08:30–17:30 Mechanistic Effect Models Hackathon Winter Graden Cabinet
08:30–17:00 UN Training on environment footprint Session Room 103B
09:00–16:00 SETAC Europe Council Meeting Room 209
13:00–15:00 ECETOC & Cefic LRI – ECO 38 Progress Review Meeting Room 214
13:00–17:30 Pharmaceuticals Interest Group Symposium Session Room 201
15:00–17:00 ECETOC & Cefic LRI  – ECO 41 Progress Review Meeting Room 214
17:00–18:00 Mentorship Programme Gathering Lobby
Time Meeting Room
9:00–11:00 SETAC Europe Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors Multiple-Choice Examination Meeting Room 216
10:00–10:30 Ecotoxicology of Amphibians and Reptiles Interest Group Meeting Room 210
10:00–11:00 Regional Branches Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 209
10:00–12:00 Membership Committee (Global) Meeting Room 215
12:00–13:00 Finance Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 209
13:00–14:00 Science Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 210
14:00–16:00 “Recommendations and guidelines for arsenic in agricultural soil and water”-Open Meeting Meeting Room 207
14:00–15:30 IEAM Editorial Meeting Meeting Room 216
15:00–16:00 Education Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 213
15:00–18:00 Science and Risk Communication Interest Group Meeting Room 209
15:30–17:00 ERGO Meeting Meeting Room 216
16:00–17:15 ECETOC & Cefic LRI – ECO 37 Progress Review Meeting Room 213
16:30–18:00 Soil Interest Group Meeting Room 215
16:30–18:00 IPCP 2019 General Assembly Meeting Room 214
17:00–18:00 Animal Alternatives Interest Group Session Room 103B
17:00–19:00 Bioaccumulation Science Interest Group Session Room 102
17:00–18:00 Exposure Modeling Interest Group Meeting Room 216
17:15–18:15 SETAC Europe Committees Meeting Session Room 201
17:15–18:30 Dung Organism Toxicity Testing Interest Group Meeting Room 213
17:30–19:00 Metals Interest Group Session Room 204+205
Time Meeting Room
08:00–11:15 SETAC Europe Job Event Meeting Room 209
8:00–17:00 Scymaris Meeting Room 306
08:30–17:00 Smithers Viscient Meeting Room 214
09:00–11:00 Publications Committee (Global) Meeting Room 216
8:30–10:00 Certification Programme Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 215
10:30–11:30 Certification Programme Advisory Board (Europe) Meeting Room 215
11:00–12:00 Environmental fate and ecotoxicity testing for REACH – gathering feedback from laboratories Meeting Room 216
12:00–13:00 Ecosystem Services Interest Group Meeting Room 215
12:00–13:00 Development Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 210
12:25–13:55 ET&C Editorial Meeting Meeting Room 216
12:25–13:55 Agilent Lunchseminar – Emerging Concerns to Persistent Problems: Solutions to Ensure Environmental Safety Winter Graden Cabinet
13:00–14:00 Student Advisory Council (Europe) Meeting Room 215
14:00–15:00 Italian Branch Language Annual Meeting Meeting Room 215
14:00–15:00 Chemistry Interest Group Meeting Room 210
14:00–16:00 The Writers´ Lab Meeting Room 209
14:00–18:00 “Valuing environmental bads: A dialogue between ecotoxicologists and environmental economists” Closed Meeting Meeting Room 216
15:00–17:00 Prioritising Research Quesitons for the Baltic Region – Stakeholder Roundtable Winter Garden Cabinet
15:00–17:00 Awards Committee (Europe) Meeting Room 215
16:00–18:00 Microplastics Interest Group Session Room 203
16:15–17:45 Effect Modeling Interest Group Meeting Room 210
17:00–18:00 Multiple Stressors and their Interactions in ERA of Mediterranean Region Meeting Room 215
17:15–18:45 Pharmaceuticals Interest Group Session Room 201
17:15–18:45 Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Risk Assessment Interest Group Session Room 206
17:15–19:00 Fellows´Reception Meeting Room 209
Time Meeting Room
08:30–17:00 Smithers Viscient Meeting Room 214
12:25–13:55 SETAC Europe Annual General Assembly Session Room 201
12:25–13:55 Thermo Fisher Lunch Seminar – “Experiences and novel approaches on the analysis of POPs by Mass Spectrometry” Winter Garden Cabinet
14:30–15:30 Students Advisory Council General Assembly Session Room 201
14:30–15:30 SETAC ad hoc group on open science Meeting Room 215
14:00–16:15 SETAC Europe Council Meeting Meeting Room 209
15:00–18:00 German TMF Project Scientific Advisory Board Meeting Room 210
16:00–17:00 Plants Interest Group Steering Committee Meeting Room 216
16:15–17:15 OMICs Interest Group Meeting Room 215
17:00–18:00 Plants Interest Group Meeting Room 216
16:15–18:15 Ecological Risk Assessment Interest Group Meeting Room 209
16:30–18:30 Transfer of science into regulation (Goal 2b of the SETAC Europe Strategic Plan 2018-2020) Session Room 103B
17:00–18:00 LCA Interest Group Europe Steering Committee Meeting Room 213
17:30–18:30 Wildlife Toxicology Interest Group Session Room 206

Need a room for your meeting?

SETAmeeting room pic webC will make space available for an interest group, a business meeting or any other activity during the Annual Meeting in Helsinki. The deadline for booking a meeting room was 1 April 2019.

If you still require a room, please contact Barbara Koelman.

People attending your meeting but NOT attending the SETAC conference, are required to pay an administrative fee of 50 Euros in order to have access to the meeting room. If you would have any additional queries, please contact Barbara Koelman in the SETAC office.