Multiple Choice Examination for the Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors (CRA) Programme

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Registration for the exam is still possible on-site on Sunday, 6 May 2019. If you are interested please contact

09:00-11:00 | Monday, 27, May | Meeting Room 216

The SETAC Europe Certification of Environmental Risk Assessor (CRA) programme was developed to harmonise and further strengthen the use of -up-to-date scientific methods and principles in the environmental risk assessment of chemicals and other stressors. We believe that environmental risk assessment professionals should share the same high standards and broad understanding of risk assessment principles to ensure the safe use of chemicals and the protection of the environment.

Applicants need to fulfil the knowledge and experiences expected from a certified expert, which consists of a broad basic knowledge in all 9 CRA topics, advanced knowledge and specialisation, continued professional development and on-the-job experience before passing the final oral examination.

Basic knowledge in all 9 CRA topics proven by passing the multiple-choice examination

Risk assessment is not a one person job and it is important that everyone understands the basic principles. Those do not depend on country or specific legislations. The 9 topics identified vary from “ecological concepts” over “environmental chemistry” to “ecotoxicology” and “statistics”.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions covering all 9 CRA topics and the candidates have 2 hours to complete the test. With this multiple-choice examination, a successful participant can show that they fulfil the necessary basic knowledge and competences in all 9 CRA topics!

You are not sure if you have the broad knowledge in the CRA topics? You want to find out about your strengths and where to fill some gaps? No problem. If failing participants can repeat the examination once without additional costs.


  • The multiple-choice examination will take place on Monday, 27 May from 9:00 until 11:00
  • Meeting Room 216

How to register?

You can add the examination during your meeting registration. Click here.

After the examination participants will receive:

  • A recognition letter testifying your success if the participant succeeded.
  • Feedback on their strength and waeknesses based on the CRA topics in the case of success and failure.
  • Possibility to retake the examination once more, for no additional fee, in case of failure.
SETAC reduced fees (students, recent graduates, low income countries)* 45€
SETAC regular fees 90€
non-member fees 145€

*Reduced fees for students, recent graduates and low and upper middle income countries. LIC (Low Income) or LUMIC (Lower and Upper Middle Income) regular or student living and residing in countries as listed by the World Bank. Students (BSc, MSc and PhD students; Expected expiration date and study programme must be mentioned in the SETAC profile).

For more information please contact Rebecca on