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SETAC Europe and the Local Organising Committee are organising a Science & Art exhibition.

Throughout the meeting, attendees will marvel at different types of artworks. Artists will represent science in a creative way through different art disciplines.

The Science & Art Exhibition in Two Parts:

1) Bioluminescence; an installation of the work called “Breath”, which received excellent feedback from the first presentation in LUX Helsinki Art exhibition.

2) “Distortions”, audio & video-work on the Baltic sea.

The exhibition is open from Monday until Wednesday from 10:00–18:30 and on Thursday from 10:00–13:00  in meeting rooms 211 and 212.

Photosynthetic bacteria and their microalgal descendants produce half of the oxygen on our planet. In other words, we can thank the microorganisms in the ocean for every second breath we take. Breath is a bio-light installation where the dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii creates the phenomenon of bioluminescence when exposed to mechanical stress. Even though the algae itself is not visible to the naked eye, its light is. This installation was created in collaboration with Environmental and Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University and the Marine Research Centre at the Finnish Environment Institute.

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Distortions is a multichannel sound and video installation that investigates the phenomenon of underwater noise pollution. The sound composition is a re-mix between underwater sounds of marine life, the aquatic acoustics and the presence of human-generated noise in the Baltic Sea.

Kati Roover is a visual artist based in Helsinki. In her work she approaches environmental changes through poetic imagination. Roover’s interests include human-non-human interaction, natural sciences, anthropology, site-sensitive thinking, deep listening and elemental essay film. She works with moving image, sound, photography, text and installations. She holds a master’s degree from University of Arts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts and bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tampere University of Applied Science and has taken part in various festivals, screenings and exhibitions in Finland and abroad since year 2007.

Johannes Vartola is a sound designer and performing artist living in Helsinki. His artistic works and collaborations centre around themes of human – environmental relations, utopias, animal – human rights and site-specific art and politics to name a few. He holds a master’s degree in sound studies from University of Arts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tampere University of Applied Science.


This event is kindly sponsored by IES.