Meeting Policies

SETAC provides open, safe forums for the purpose of exchanging ideas and information on the study, analysis and solution of environmental problems, the management and regulation of natural resources, promotion of scientific research and the development of strong environmental education.

SETAC Policies

Compliance with SETAC Policies

Attendees of SETAC meetings are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, and to comply with all SETAC policies, including SETAC the Code of Conduct.

SETAC Policies

Audio, Photo and Video Policy

No attendee at the meeting may record, film, photograph or use any other media during any presentation or display without the express approval of the SETAC Europe Executive Director. This applies to all SETAC members, non-members and guests, as well as members of the print, online and broadcast media.

Presentation recordings are only made available after explicit approval by the presenter.

Audio, Photo and Video Release

SETAC has the right to record, film and photograph during the SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting. SETAC may use selected photos or videos in any SETAC-related publication, on SETAC websites and on SETAC social media pages.
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