Exclusive placements on the SETAC Helsinki website give your company the attention it deserves in front of thousands of environmental scientists.

  • Vertical banner: 160w x 320h pixels + link to your website: 1,800 € 
  •  Horizontal banner: 1100w x 120h pixels + link to your website: 2,700 € 
Sponsoring Leaflet


Would you consider advertising in the meeting programme book?

Advertising options

  • Full page advert on the outside of the back cover: 5,000 € 
  • Full page advert on the inside of the front cover: 3,000 € 
  • Full page advert on the inside of the back cover: 3,000 € 
  • Full page advert: 1,500 € 
  • 1/2 page advert: 800 € 
  • 1/4 page advert: 400 € 

Deadline for delivering advertisements for inclusion in the meeting programme: 1 March 2019

Technical specifications are available here.

Sustainable Contributor

Your logo on the meeting website, TV screen(s) and in the programme book.


Advertisements of companies in the programme book have to purely institutional (promoting the company itself) and may NOT be promoting any products by the company. Similarly, if logos are to be included, the logos have to be the logos of the companies and not those of any products.

Please contact SETAC if you have any queries or need additional information.

*All prices are exclusive VAT.